Glimmercroft Shebo Sundance F5 American GCH, CH challenge win to BJr BIS MDGA V-SHOW

Glimmercroft Shenandoah x Glimmercroft Boreas


His dam: Glimmercroft Shenandoah

his sire: Glimmercroft Boreas

FCH Glimmercroft Danger Danger x Ravenna’s SA Glin Camp Bull

Boreas dam: FCH Glimmercroft Danger Danger

GoGo’s Rocky takes a Punch F3 American, VRGCH

GoGo’s Lil Sheena x GoGo’s Buck A Boo Snowman ( GoGo’s Lil Geri VBISJRD x Findley Fillies Creme Brulee 2xVRGCH)

Rocky’s dam: GoGo’s Lil Sheena 1place milking 2 yrs & under, 1 place dam & daughter (Chantilly Lace A GoGo x GoGo’s Little Caesar)

GoGo’s Mosaic Splash me Happy F2 American 62.50%LM/37.50%ND SOLD

Chantilly Lace A GoGo x GoGo’s Little Caesar

GoGo’s Mosaic Splash me Happy

Mosaic dam: Chantilly Lace A GoGo

His twin sister: GoGo’s Lil Sheena

Lil Sheena first freshening udder

Two Girls Flash me Happy F3 American 54.69%LM/45.31%ND

GoGo’s Lil Lilly x GoGo’s Mosaic Splash me Happy

Two Girls Flash me Happy

Dam: GoGo’s Lil Lilly (EarKnot Acres Shasta x GoGo’s Little Caesar)

Twisted Acres MoMo met GoGo, F1 experimental

SG Goats me BB Daddy’s Dirty Money 1*M x GoGo’s PEx General

Twisted Acres MoMo met GoGo ( MoGo) here is a video until I get updated pictures of MoGo.

MoGo’s dam: and udder pictures

SG Goatsnme BB Daddys Dirty Money 1*M (MoMo)
MoMo udder

GoGo’s MeSu GlimGo Gordon, F4 American,

Gordon’s Dam: EarKnot Acres AR Meow
EarKnot Acres AR Meow udder