A gathering of family or friends is a blessing and a gift.


Humor, Antidotes and Life with Dairy Goats By Regina Tervo Chapter 1 A Modern Day Shepherd Being a Modern-Day Shepherd is going out to the barn in a mad rush with a party dress on because of an emergency!  Or leaving early from your wedding night because of a birth! These are just a tiny … Continue reading Goatidoates

Garden’s for your Table

Choosing food your family like to eat is helpful. Choosing seeds and plants that produce fruit and vegetables that freeze well is important to me as well. So when I am picking out that squash I pick out the one for my zone and the one that is good for freezing. This way I can … Continue reading Garden’s for your Table

Emotional health of Goats

As owners and breeder do we give the emotional health of our goats enough consideration? I have been studying one herd for the last 17 years. I have come to realize some important things about the goats I didn’t know before I bought them. I bought them thinking them as livestock. I quickly realized they … Continue reading Emotional health of Goats

Disbudded vs Horned

Resolution in taking back My Word When I first started with the goats over 15 years ago I wanted to go it as natural as I can with them.  I wanted to have healthy happy goats, that gave healthy happy milk to make healthy cheese that made me happy!  One of the biggest hurtles to … Continue reading Disbudded vs Horned


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