Thanksgiving Left Overs! What to do?

My favorite is a turkey, cream cheese, homemade cranberry orange spice relish, sandwich! Yummy! I think about this sandwich weeks before Thanksgiving day.

There are many other things I create with the Turkey. Soups, curry, toss it on salads.

Homemade Turkey noodle & vegetable soup.

The big thing I make is from the bones. I make bone broth. I get several gallons of delicious nutritious bone broth., just by adding 3 cut carrots, 3 cut celery, 1 bay leave, 1 Tablespoon Mother’s Earth vinger, to my bones cover with water and cook on high in my Instant Pot for a hour let it do a natural release. Strain and put the bones and veggies back into pot add more carrots and celery another Tablespoon of vinegar cover with water and repeat cooking time. Keep reaping this until the bones can be smashed like pulp between your thumb and finger. Put broth in freezer bags and store in freezer. From the remaining bones and veggies add to blender with olive oil slowly to get a well blended smooth paste or rue. Add this to your dog food or add flour to it to make a dough. You can form cookies and bake in the oven for your dog or you can salt, herbs, seeds roll it out real thin as in cracker thin and bake for yourself. Yummy with dips and cheese. Bake at 350° until desire chrispness

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