Herbals: relax that stressful goat!

Weaning, travel, or a upsetting change can cause stress.

Those of us that have been in the goat breeding industry for a while have seen the undesirable results of the cause of stress. How it plays a destructive decline in the immune system and can set our goats up for all sorts of unhealthy situations. Stress can even kill.

I have found Organic herbs to be very beneficial to relax me and my goats in a very natural and healthy way without any bad side effects. They are economical with two simple flowers. Chamomile and Lavender. You can feed directly 2 teaspoons each as top coat to your does that you are weaning kids off. The kids you can make a tea by boiling water then pour it over a 1/4 cup each, let seep for 8 minutes. Cool strain and pour into a quart jar. Give 6 ml to kids that are being weaned. It relaxes both dams and kids, no crying, no stress, no illness, making the weaning process, oh so much nicer for everyone.

Dry chamomile flower, lavender flower, and a equal blend of the two made into a tea

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