A post from when Sophia and our first goats were Juniors.

A beautiful May day gives me the time to pause and soak in the beauty the Lord has provide us.  In every square inch there seems to be a world within a world and all created by Him.  I’m so very grateful for these gifts that he has given me.

Here are some of the kids that were born on the farm this year.  Though we still have two more does to kid to complete this season we are counting our blessing everyday as they come.

On this day among the young kids I get to be a shepherd, a leader, as well as keep safe and protect them.  This makes me think of the Lord and all he did for us, he shepherd us, lead us, taught us and has kept us safe and given us a way to overcome eternal death.  I’m so grateful that he gives me lessons to remember Him by especially when they are as sweet as shepherding my little young flock during the day.But it was Last Night that overwhelmed me with his great majesty,as I was going out for evening milking, the bats where by the hundreds as the sun went down.  Now some may not like bats and think them creepy but not I.  The bats to me are little hero’s for eating the nasties that bite me for a mealthe more bats the less bugs!Milking went as usual we have a well established system and understanding with the girls.  I turned off the light to the barn and the girls escorted me to the gate. I stepped out and it was sheer magic!  The skyline of the trees could be seen with the rising of the moon the color of dark sapphire full of stars that looked like diamonds, brighter than I could ever remember.  The tips of the trees to the ground where almost a velvet black and the fireflies were so thick that it made me think of white twinkle christmas lights.  The effect between the stars in the heavens and the lights all around me gave me the feeling of being among the stars!  I wish every night could be just like this one.  God truly outdid himself when He took hold of the canvas!

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