A Goat breeder Moment into a Herd

A pivotal view as a Modern Shepherd

A morning in life with a herd

I’ve been refereed to as goat lady, goat cheese lady, lady with the goats and a shepherd.  I would say what best describes me is a modern day shepherd.  Everyday I spend time with my herd.  It is a small herd of Miniature Lamancha Dairy goats with a couple of standards thrown in. They depend on me and I depend on them.  I give the care, friendship and leadership and they give me delicious milk and return kindness in their friendship.There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not greeted as a friend, that was gone and missed. There is something extremely special that happens while spending time with the does.  Not only am I accepted but I’m family to them.  In these pictures I will tell a story and give you a pivotal view, just a block of time in a life of a modern Shepherd.  It is a quiet time, peaceful and very relaxing.  It is their time for morning nap for the younger does and kids and fun for the less sleepy.

As I pass through the gates to the does pasture Tilly the herd Queen is there standing as sentinel for the herd, the shepherd may pass.

I’m greeted by the Matriarch, Shasta and her Great-Great Granddaughter Twista.  A tradition that is passed down from doe to doe. Tilly is also a Shasta daughter.

   I go and sit in the young doe & kid pen. The does start laying down around me and Pebbles who is a preemie accepts my knee as a pillow sinse my arms are busy. 

I look up to see twin sisters Lottie & Lola legs stretched to tough each other snuggling in for a nap.

 On my Left I find that Misty has cuddled to Harley and is using her leg as a pillow. These are to half sisters, Harley is a Shasta daughter and Misty is Shasta’s Great-Great-Great-Great Granddaughter.I look back over to Lottie & Lola and they are out.  Lottie & Lola are Shasta’s Granddaughters.

With all the kids asleep around me I look out past them to my right.  Sophia like a charming flower in bloom has yet again caused a giggle to escape me.  That barrel has been the best gift the girls could ever want.  I just need 8 more of them.

I know Sophia enjoyed that barrel as long as she could but her big half sister Tilly said to move on.  Tilly is Shasta’s first born and Sophia is Shasta second to last born.  What ever Tilly wants Tilly gets.

Leaving the kids to sleep and on the way out I stop and see that Tilly’s daughter has taken control over the barrel.  I wonder if they would like a little red wagon as well.

On my way out to my right Twinkle is laying chewing her cud and watching over the pasture.  She is very pregnant, twins again maybe triplets.  She is also Shasta’s Great Granddaughter.Tilly the sentinel fast asleep back at the spot in which she was when I first came in.  There is no need to watch, when your shepherd is here.
All of the does here are expecting to have their babies which is called kidding.  Kidding is starting this coming Jan. 23, and the last one March, 5.  There are 9 does that are bred here, this was just one pasture.This was just a glimpse of about 30 minutes of a morning. It is only a fraction, a pivotal view of a life as a shepherd.  

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