Welcome to GoGo’s Herd Farm

We started breeding Dairy Goats for milk and cheese in 2004, but got serious into the breeding in 2005 in NC, breeding Miniature Lamancha Dairy Goats. We produced cheese to the local 4 star restaurants in Beaufort and Kinston, NC. Not before starting 3 primary farms in the Snow Hill, NC area with GoGo’s Herd bloodlines to start their own herds. We moved to Protem, Mo taking our herd with us. We had over 11 years of a strong breeding program under us by then.

Somewhere in that time I wrote and had a book published “Emmie Rue’s Adventures”. You could even by it in Other countries. I became a MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Assn.) Judge and I love it.

We live in the beautiful Ozarks a mile from the Bull Shoals Lake and the Missouri/Arkansas border in the foothills of the mountains. I has always been a childhood dream to live here and we fill very blessed to be having this dream fulfilled.

Our goal for our program has always been to breed quality milking DOES, long lactation with structure, show conformation, hardiness and personality.

For our homestead we are growing heirloom vegetables, edible flowers and herbs. We make our own chicken, beef and vegetable stocks and bone broths. For our goats, horses and our dogs we feed Organic feed. We also enjoy the wonderful quality of goat milk soap with pure essential oils, so we make that as well. We enjoy blending our own teas, for health benefits and relaxation and just pure enjoyment. I love herbs and spices so blending and experimental cooking you’ll find me in the kitchen creating a new dish or maybe making a new cheese.

We welcome you to our site to get to know our breeding program, fun dairy goats, products, and farm.

We are still up dating our site and information. We still have more bucks to put up and Jr. Does to include. A product page to add, but you can keep up on what is happening on our blog. This site is a work in progress thank you for coming.

Please feel free to ask questions.

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