Having good food to put on the table is important.

In some countries it’s hard to get food. Even in this country, the USA, it can be hard to find food. It is becoming harder to find good healthy food for your table.

We have chosen to eat healthier. Which meant making changes in purchasing at the markets. No GMO products, no processed, colorings, chemicals, hormones, added to the food. We discovered this limited us greatly to what we could buy and the price went up for the product that where free of these.

So we started producing our own. Heirloom seeds to grow our own herbs and vegetables. Raise our own herd with Organic grains and feed, so our meat and milk products would be free of pollutants. Our bodies are feeling better. There is a special delight in what we eat now. Much more than before. The taste of freshness can not be beat and knowing how and where your food is coming from gives you the reassurance that lets you sleep well at night.

zucchini and yellow squash souffle with Parmesa and Asiago cheese, Basil, Thyme, Ginger a side of jasmine rice Smoked bacon and green onions all of it is Organic.
zucchini with blossom on

Yellow squash with blossom on
squash, eggplant, sunflower, and melons and roses

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