Dog Food. What is the best for our pet?

I think anybody who has had a pet has asked this question.

I have searched over the years trying to find the best dog food for my dogs since I have been a owner.

10 years ago I found myself in the petition of being out of dog food and my vet was out of it as well. It was the Chicken and Lamb kibble for small breeds. We checked all the stores around town and the ones out of town but they all were sold out and on back order for two weeks. I started to panick, then I remembered it’s Chicken, lamb, rice and veggies. I can make that for two weeks. So I did. Then I added to it.

Your dog ever get sick on commercial food even the high dollar vet recommended food?

Recalls on commercial Trusted Brands

I created a recipe of Brown Rice, Chicken or Goat, Bone Broth, Carrots, Spinach, peas, ( substitute squash, kale, ) Olive oil, kelp, eggs and a some goat milk too top it off. The dogs love it.

Why did I not go back to feeding the vet recommended dog food again once it came back in?

After I started making the home made dog food after the first week I started to see a change in both of my dogs. They both had a little more pep in their step. A little more alert. Wolfie had suffered from violent seizures but not had any and Sabrina had a cancer growth on the side of her mouth was jumping more and both were starting to be more active have brighter eyes and shinier coats. After a month I was sold on that the commercial foods I had been feeding them had been making them sick and old. They both already have cancer. We had Ginger our Golden die from Cancer 5 years earlier she was only 6. So if by feeding them home made meals made them as if they were 5 years younger in a matter of a month then I figured I was on the right path. Wolfie had long not been able to jump up on the couch, and could again. Watching them play chase up and down after a ball was wonderful to watch.

They did pass a few years later. Giving them extra feel good time in life made them and us happy.

It’s hard when your dogs don’t live as long as you do.

We have Minnie T. & Tinker B. and I figured that they are very lucky. They have never eaten commercial food, only Organic. I’m hoping they will have longer lives than Wolfie & Sabrina.


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